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Your Personal Tax Return Expert

When it is time to file your personal tax return, there are several reasons why you may want to seek out an experienced accountant. There are many different tax return software programs available, but your tax situation might be too complicated to make use of these.

By working with an experienced personal tax accountant, we will help you file items on your T1, such as rental income, capital item dispositions, travel and moving expenses, and more.

T1 Personal Income Tax & Benefit Return

Making sure to file your T1 personal tax return correctly is critical to avoid audits or paying for any resulting penalties and interest fees. We can also help advise you on how to record certain expenses. The fee to have an accountant help file your T1 return is often lower than any fees you could be saddled with for filing incorrectly.

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Personal Tax Filing Expert

Maximum Tax Deductions

Let our firm help you include all eligible tax deductions. Some individuals filing their own T1 return may not be aware of all the tax benefits they may be eligible for.

Taking Advantage Of Benefits

Taking advantage of tax benefits is essential if you want to lower your overall tax liability. Our team will assess your situation and determine eligibility for any tax benefits.

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Understanding Your Personal Taxes

Like many, if you feel overwhelmed about tax filing issues we can help shed light on these particular questions no matter how large or small. Whether you have questions about what you need to prepare or have questions about anything on your T1 tax return, feel free to reach out to us.

We can help enlighten clients in addition to making them CRA compliant. We want to ensure you have all the relevant information to understand your personal tax circumstances.

Planning To Reduce Personal Taxes

Additional Tax Services

We offer many tax services besides those associated with business tax filings. For example, HST/GST return filings, handling caregiver deductions, and various investment and pension optimizations.

Taking advantage of alternate tax reporting decisions can help reduce one’s total overall tax liability in the short-term or long-term, depending on one’s preference.

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Focused On Open Communication

At Leading Ledger Tax & Bookkeeping, communication is key. We know some of our clients have had poor experiences with their previous accountants. That is why we make communication and client accessibility a priority.

We know tax season can be stressful enough, which is why we are here to ease your worries however we can.

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We encourage those looking for an accountant to take advantage of our complimentary consultation call. During this call, you will get the chance to speak with an accountant about your tax situation and understand how we can help. Ready to get started?

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