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Bookkeeping Services

Many business owners choose something convenient in the form of accounting software interacting directly with their bank accounts with mobile phones (and their ‘apps’) involved in day-to-day transactions with vendors and customers. For a small business that cannot hire in-house bookkeeping staff, outsourcing the right bookkeeping service is important. At Leading Ledger Tax & Bookkeeping, we provide several service options for those who wish to outsource their bookkeeping.

Whether you're already set up and using accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage50 or Xero, or you manually keep track of your transactions, we have a bookkeeping solution for you.

Developing A Bookkeeping Framework

Our team will develop a bookkeeping framework that helps save you time and increase your efficiency while recording transactions. In today’s business world, these can include a host of various mobile phone ‘apps’.

Some find technology changes intimidating and wonder about cost effectiveness from various options available. We can help you navigate these concerns and can assist in setting up your bookkeeping system until you may even be ready to take it over, yourself, if desired.

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Utilizing Bookkeeping Software

We can assist in your business developing a bookkeeping framework by getting you set up on software that tracks your business's banking and credit card transactions. Bookkeeping software also allows our team to directly access this data, making bookkeeping more straightforward and efficient for creating various reports on demand.

Fully Inclusive Bookkeeping Service

Would you rather be completely hands-off with your bookkeeping? Let us automate the process and make recording transactions easier to enable you to move away from that bagful of receipts. Instead, we'll help you create digital records of transactions that can easily be included within the accounting data to also be used in generating tax returns.

Customized Bookkeeping Solution

Not interested in bookkeeping software? For many small businesses, bookkeeping software can sometimes be a considerable expense.

We can help provide custom bookkeeping templates so you're able to keep track of the transactions required for your annual tax returns or periodic financial statements. Our accountant will go over these sheets and make sure everything is categorized correctly.

Bookkeeping Assistance

Our team can assist businesses that prefer to do their own bookkeeping. Our bookkeeping assistance services are for businesses owners who may not be sure if their books are correct and would like a professional to provide insight.

We will have an accountant oversee your bookkeeping to better ensure transactions and expenses are being tracked properly and potentially offer advice on ways to streamline this process.

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Year-End Tax Return

Let our firm be a single-stop for your accounting needs. When you work with Leading Ledger Tax & Bookkeeping, we can handle everything from bookkeeping issues through to tax services for added "integration" and convenience.

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Not sure if Leading Ledger Tax & Bookkeeping is a right fit for you? Our free initial consultation is a no-obligation discussion to see if we are a correct fit for you. Ready to get started? Contact us today to book your consultation.

Additional Tax Services

Leading Ledger Tax & Bookkeeping offers many additional tax services for small businesses. On top of our bookkeeping services, we can also assist with the following:

T4 Payroll Source Deductions, T4A and potential T5018 Slip Issuance

Our team can help you with your payroll source deductions, T4A and T5018 slip issuances. Keep your business tax compliant and leave it to the professionals.

WCB Alberta Registration & GST, PST & HST Filing

Need help with registering for WCB in Alberta? Or with making sure your GST, PST and HST are properly filed? Contact us today for help and to make sure you're filing correctly.